Roof Systems Thermal and Moisture Design (Online)

This course is designed for those who design roof systems and for those that need to understand roofing heat transfer and moisture affects on roofing systems.  The skills taught in this course are of use to all those involved in roof performance and are necessary skills for the RRC.  The principles taught have applicability to walls as well as roofs but the primary focus is on roof systems.

Presenters Greg Florio of Amtech Solutions Inc. and Tim Barrett of Barco Consulting will cover basic thermal terminology and calculations to cooling-load calculations, annual energy consumptions and payback calculations, cool roofing, and temperature calculations within cross sections. Moisture starts with the psychrometric chart and moist-air properties. Additional topics include vapor retarders, the effects of moisture on insulation, air barriers, and mold issues.

Attendees will earn 8 continuing education hours (IIBEC and AIA). All registrants will receive a gift card so you can order lunch delivered to your location.

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Jun 10 2021